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    The MonsterTrades Team works hard in serving our clients and we feel there is no better way to list performance then letting our members speak for us.

Below, are some testimonials sent in over the year from our members. Give us the chance to “WOW” you as we have those listed below. We look forward to working with you soon.

    G. Nolan, Boca Raton FL wrote: "Amazing run to start the new year. Excellent calls on blud and abb. Keep up the amazing job and thank you."
    J. Cross, Toronto CA wrote: "Excellent call on the Beazer Jan 75 call. My first 100% winner in an option!!! Keep it up. By the way I'm also in the Kraft puts, do you think we will see 100% there too? Thank you and lets keep making money."
    M. Costoff, Williams Bay, WI wrote: "Monstertrades Team-IOC was a nice holiday present and now you topped that off with JBL!! In yesterday with 1,000 @ $34.69 and out just before the bell today @ $38.27. Thanks and outstanding work!! "
    M. Redding, Cleveland, Ohio wrote: "I was a bit skeptical in trying a “brand new service” when you folks became available in July. But your team has definitely shown to me your dedication through your work. I’m not an option trader so I cannot comment on those positions but your stock positions have definitely been consistent. You have earned my faith in your service."
    C. Lewis, Ontario, Canada wrote: "Excellent call on TAYD and MSO. Really helped my portfolio and I appreciate your work. Keep it up!"
    M. Rivera, San Diego, California wrote: "Your positions in July and August made me a cool 18k. You for sure have a member with me. The $79 a month fee for your service is nothing for what you guys do."
    S. Cook, Bedford, New York wrote: "Great, Great, Great call on FMQVF.X. 95% return on 1 position is insane. Great job guys, really amazed."
    A. Garcia, Utah wrote: "Thank you for the call on DIAVC. 67% I made. Keep it up and you will definitely keep me."
    L. Chon, SF, California wrote: "Let me just say how impressed I am with your service. Simple to follow, very straight forward but most importantly the steady winners. Your stock picks have been wonderful. Phenomenal service."
    M. Costoff, Williams Bay, WI wrote:"IOC was an excellent trade. I bought 1,000 @ $22.01 and sold @ $26.46 less than 12 hours later - a beautiful $4,428 profit. Great job - thanks."
    J. Jones, Chicago IL wrote:"Thank you for coming back and ending the month on a high note. I had an option that really went south but you guys turned it around with EMCJN.X. The 42% return I made from that trade together with a few other of your recommendations ended the month with a nice profit for me. Thanks again for the comeback."
    M. Perez, Miami FL wrote::"Excellent call on the market last night with your commentary. Really helped me with my own trading for the day. Keep it up."
    C. Sweeney, Groton Connecticut wrote:: "Excellent call on SIRI – you guys really caught the pop. Appreciate the good work."
    C. Fiore, Crystal River FL wrote:: "Nice call in GEF. Looked scary in the beginning but really turned around and hit its target nicely. First position I took with you and it worked out well. Let’s keep it going."
    Please share with us your experience with MonsterTrades. We would love to hear from you.